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Slowpe down the hill with the first slope scroller game made ever.

It's just too easy - simply make your way all down to the lower right, allege yourself under the very best only with fastest reflexes and exploiting the pace of the very right moment.

It'll be not very easy, and nobody would ever adore seeing you on the top of the leaderboard - being the very best is not the easy thing. Just a stupid game, yeah - nobody would waste time for a sloping side scroller game like this right?

Slowpe is anything but a slow paced game – challenging and addictive are words better suited. The controls are simple – just tap. It's the timing that separates the rookies from the rest. The objective is to move the character to the right to accumulate more points with each passed tile. Its easy to learn but nearly impossible to master – one wrong tap and you send the ring jumping into the wall with no hope of saving it. It's free with ads or you can pay a one time in app purchase to get rid of them.

At the first glance Slowpe looks like a standard side scroller jump game. This game goes a bit further than that though – instead of simply using the vertical axis, the character is a ring that rotates. There is a gap on the ring, and the direction the gap is pointing determines which way the ring will jump. Slowpe is great for when you have just a few minutes and want to help pass the time. Come play and find it out - you have nothing to lose besides your sanity!


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